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The Early Word on Blackbird Doughnuts

In a city ruled by Dunkin' Donuts, a new gourmet fried, ringed confectionery shop is big news. While the greater metro area has some standouts, Boston proper got its own not-Dunkin doughnut shop when Blackbird Doughnuts opened in January. The small Tremont Street shop is still new and has plans to grow, but here's a sampling of what people think so far.

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Blackbird Doughnuts
Blackbird Doughnuts

The Popular Crowd News: "Blackbird Doughnuts has officially nested in the South End, and if this weekend's early crowds were any indication, it's going to be a hit," Zagat reported on the shop's opening weekend. Indeed, Seth Yaffe, COO of Blackbird's parent company, The Gallows Group, told Boston Magazine that the early-morning crowds he saw while researching a second restaurant inspired him toward a doughnut shop. But Yelp users report "prompt and friendly" service and even "plenty of donuts and no line" this past Sunday morning.

The Flavor Saver News: According to the Globe, early risers are the likeliest to get their hands sticky with salted toffee. Pineapple habanero, dark chocolate pomegranate, and sesame Sriracha flavors join more common confectioneries like wild berry jelly, vanilla glazed, and black cocoa old fashioned. One Yelper reports two unique flavors, blackberry lavender and honey pistachio lemon, are both "super delicious." And despite trying a veritable handful of Blackbird's flavors, this Chowhound poster can't wait to go back for more.

The Style News: As the flavor selections suggest, Blackbird is not going for a traditional doughnut menu. "Blackbird has clearly defined themselves as less the traditional coffee and donut shop and more the donut-shop-for-foodies shop. I'm OK with that," a Yelp user opines.

The Doughnut-Shop-That-Must-Not-Be-Named News: As previously mentioned, areas around Boston already host some well-regarded doughnutteries, including two glorious bakeries in Belmont. But the most-hyped, based on timing alone, is Somerville's Union Square Donutswhich opened its own (first non-shared) home on Bow Street back in October. Is it fair to compare? Fair or not, Yelpers gon' do it. Opinions vary: Some say Blackbird and Union Square Donuts are on par, and one believes neither is worth the price tag. Of course, some prefer USD and others are squarely on team Blackbird. You'll just have to decide for yourself.

The Standing-Room Only News: The chatter so far suggests Bostonians want to have their cake (doughnut) and eat it, too, but the lack of seating at Blackbird makes that tricky. The Globe's Devra First paints a picture: "This tiny store is basically just a counter surrounded by walls of white subway tile." One Yelp user suggests a few stools at the window would be a welcome addition. "We would have bought coffee to go with our donuts and settled in for a little while ... But as is we just left with bag in hand to find coffee elsewhere."

The News of the Future: Blackbird is just getting started. Boston Magazine reports that doughnut lovers will soon be able to get their fix right on the streets when the outfit goes mobile this spring. Also, look forward to new flavors at the shop coming soon.

Blackbird Doughnuts

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