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Look How Spring Has Sprung at Moonshine 152

Here's a look inside the new Southie restaurant.

Dinner, brunch, and late-night bites are now available at the newly opened Moonshine 152. Situated on the corner of Dorchester Avenue and West 4th Street, the intimate setting offers plenty of dark, high-top tables that take up the center of the space. Leather banquettes are situated next to the windows, offering a view of the busy intersection outside.

Opposite the banquettes, a bar takes up the entire wall. Several shelves display the various cocktail components, and tall-backed leather bar chairs surround it, making lengthy stays comfortable. The brick-colored walls behind the bar hold large mirrors and a chalkboard that displays the day's oyster and clam offerings.

Splashes of color can be found throughout the space. The entryway to the restaurant has a dramatic deep red glass-paned wall that separates the entryway from some kitchen space. On the other walls, abstract blown glass in varying colors look like giant flowers. On each table is something different, from miniature cacti and tiny metallic ball jars to larger glass dome terrariums.

To the very back of the restaurant, more banquettes provide additional seating. Long terrariums hang on the wall in modern and metallic tubes, providing a pop of color as well as a liveliness and airiness to contrast the dark wooden tables. Right before the servers' station, there is a wall of green plants, providing much-needed signs of spring growth.

Just past the servers' station, in the back of the restaurant, a door leads to an outside patio that already has string lights up, waiting for winter to end.

Moonshine 152

152 Dorchester Avenue, , MA 02127 (617) 752-4191 Visit Website