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Take a Look Inside Townsman, Then Go There Tonight

The highly anticipated restaurant softly opened last night and grandly debuts tonight. Here's a look at the space.

Townsman is quite large, but thanks to an angular shape and clear divisions of space that divide the bar area and dining room, it doesn't feel that like an overwhelming amount of space. The main entryway, located on the corner of Kingston and Essex, has a rustic feel to it, with wooden benches and tree stump stools that allow diners a comfortable place to gather while waiting for a table. Most eye-catching is a wall-sized tiled mural that was especially created for the space from Italian-made tiles. The mosaic colorfully depicts a plump woman who, while trying to eat her tapioca pudding, is interrupted by a wolf who steals it right underneath her. The inspiration for this mural comes from an antique New England cookbook.

Past the mural, the bar room awaits with comfortable tan and orange leather seats. Small circular white tables scattered throughout provide places on which to rest a cocktail. The chairs are situated by floor-to-ceiling windows, and basket-shaped lights hang dramatically from above. Opposite the chairs and windows, an L-shaped bar wraps around, and seats line the outside. Cocktail components are thoughtfully stored in creative glass jars.

Just past the bar, diner-style seating is available at the crudo bar, giving guests a first-hand look at the kitchen, which wraps around one side of the wall. On display, there are a variety of dishes, most boldly marked with the signature orange "T." The dining room feels like a modern and homey kitchen with wooden tables and bright red chairs. Massive white spheres hang from the ceiling.

On the back wall, a longer table sits in front of an orange wall bearing bright blue framed vintage meat posters. The back wall houses more floor-to-ceiling windows, which let gorgeous light shine in. It's tough to tell now, but once the snow melts, there will be an outdoor patio.

Sunken into the wall, opposite the kitchen, a small private section of banquettes sits in front of a blue and espresso wood striped wall, which provides a view of the kitchen as well as the dining room, perfect seating to watch all of the action.


120 Kingston Street, Boston, MA 02111 (617) 993-0750 Visit Website