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Classics Week 2015, Recapped

Last week, we celebrated our first-ever Classics Week. Here's everything that happened.

A few times a year, Eater Boston (and the rest of the Eater universe) celebrates a theme week where we spend five days obsessing about a particular topic; past themes have included cocktailsmeatpizza, and more. Last week was Classics Week, a dive into local restaurant nostalgia. Here's the recap.


Chef Stories
  • The Classics Week survey collection, full of chefs' memories of their first Boston restaurant jobs, the people and places that had the biggest impacts on their careers, and more.
  • Locally-born chefs' childhood dining memories, from clowns at Ground Round to so many fried clams.

Photo Interludes

  • A gallery of photos of the ultimate Boston classic, Julia Child, with a variety of local restaurant industry folks. (Have a photo you'd like to add? Email us.)
  • Old photos of Jody Adams, Lydia Shire, Joanne Chang, and lots more, courtesy of Adams.
  • 1995 photo of a lot of familiar faces at 8 Holyoke, courtesy of Ana Sortun.
  • A look inside Brighton's Green Briar in its early days (around the early 1990s), big hair and all.

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