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Demand Has Decreased for 'Live Poultry Fresh Killed' Shop's Live Poultry Fresh Killed

Changing demographics are forcing the decades-old business to change things up.

Mayflower Poultry Co.
Mayflower Poultry Co.
Flickr/Tim Bean (Creative Commons)

Mayflower Poultry Company, the 83-year-old East Cambridge butcher shop well-known for its distinctive "Live Poultry Fresh Killed" signage, is finding that today's shoppers aren't quite as interested in its signature item. A notice posted on the door indicates that demand is down, and from now on fresh-killed, head-on, feet-on chicken will have to be ordered ahead of time.

"Due to a significant decrease in demand we will no longer be bringing in the Head-On, Feet-On, Fresh Killed chickens on a regular basis. Beginning immediately we will be taking advance orders from customers and when we have reached the minimum required by our supplier for delivery we will have them brought in. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, and hope that you will understand as we at Mayflower continue to transition our business along with the changing demographics of the neighborhood."

Mayflower also offers a range of frozen game birds and turkey parts, as well as pork and beef products, rabbit, goat, buffalo, and "super jumbo" eggs.

Mayflower Poultry Co

621 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 547-9191