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#DigOutDineOut Campaign Tracks Winter Specials to Support Restaurant Industry

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Local restaurants band together with a new social media effort.

Cal Bingham for Eater

Dig Out Dine OutThe relentless winter weather and subsequent transit woes have severely impeded business at local restaurants, and as previously reported, many businesses have planned specials to encourage people to venture outside. Now, a hashtag will make it easy for customers to find these specials via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kevin Long, executive chef and partner at Big Night Entertainment Group (Empire, Red Lantern, GEM) is behind the #DigOutDineOut campaign, a press release announced today.

"These historic storms have walloped Boston and buried us in snow, but we are hardy New Englanders," Long says via the release. "We all may compete, but ... We are all in this together and these deals are a great way for us all to start to bounce back."

Search #DigOutDineOut on TwitterFacebook, and via the Instagram app for incentive to go outside today.