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Scumbag 'Promotional Company' Makes Fake Deuxave Instagram Account, Tries to Sell It to Deuxave

Chef/owner Christopher Coombs is understandably not pleased.


Deuxave chef/owner Christopher Coombs took to Facebook today to post that someone had created a fake Instagram account for the restaurant, complete with stolen photos and captions, and was rapidly gaining followers — as well as following tons of relevant Boston food-related accounts.

When Coombs commented on one of the photos, telling the faker that he'd find out who's behind the account, the fake Deuxave responded: "This is a free trial of our promotional company, are you interested in paying for our services?" followed by obnoxious hashtags #professional, #onlineprservices, and #youneedourhelp. Coombs responded that the faker would soon find out all about trademark infringement, to which not-Deuxave replied, "Why you mad tho? #helpinghands"

Chris Coombs

As of yet, the account still exists. Boston restaurant owners may want to make sure to claim their names on all social media accounts in case this "company" is sniffing around for other victims.


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