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When Pizza's on a Doughnut, You Can Eat Pizza Anytime

Pizza doughnuts. Now at a doughnut shop near you, if you live in Union Square or the South End.

Union Square Donuts
Union Square Donuts

In an unscientific poll, you'd surely find that most people generally believe doughnuts to be pretty great. But there's one problem with doughnuts — they're not pizza. Until now. Perhaps motivated by cold weather-related cravings for comfort food, two of the area's popular doughnut shops recently introduced their own versions of pizza doughnuts.

At Union Square Donuts in Somerville's Union Square, the team has added Cheese Pizza Savory Donut Squares ($3.50) to its collection of square-shaped, non-dessert doughnuts. "This savory features our donut dough baked instead of fried with fresh basil, fresh garlic, mozzarella cheese and tomato!" they write on Instagram. "We believe in pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop by and try one in shop, or take it home and make it into a meatball sub." There is now such a thing as a Cheese Pizza Savory Donut Square Meatball Sub, and the rest of 2015 is guaranteed to be fantastic.

Meanwhile, across the river, Blackbird Doughnuts, a new South End shop from The Gallows team, is currently offering a pepperoni pizza doughnut ($3) as one of its raised (as opposed to cake) selections.

Blackbird Doughnuts

175 Cambridge Street, , MA 02114 Visit Website

Union Square Donuts

20 Bow Street, , MA 02143 (617) 209-2257 Visit Website