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A Trillium Brewing Company Expansion Means More Beer for Everyone

The Fort Point brewery is adding a new facility in Canton.

Trillium, Fort Point
Trillium, Fort Point

Fort Point-based Trillium Brewing Company is expanding, adding a second brewery down in Canton, reports Boston Magazine. The 16,000-square-foot space, which could open in late 2015, will include retail space and — if Canton approves — on-premise consumption as well.

"Holy shit," writes Trillium co-owner Esther Tetreault in a statement on the website today, before sharing lots of details about the new space, such as:

  • There will be parking.
  • They don't plan to ever leave Fort Point. "We'll just finally be able to loosen the reins on production volume and operate more like a pilot brewery, continuing to offer new styles that are available until they run out."
  • The Boston shop will be kept "supplied with bottles and kegs from Canton, so [customers will] still be able to get special releases as well as year-round beers like Fort Point Pale Ale and Congress Street IPA."
  • On the flip side, "fun stuff" will come down from Boston to Canton as well.
  • The Canton retail space will include growlers and bottles. "Tours and events TBD."
  • There will be about 10,000 barrels produced annually between Boston and Canton.
  • The Tetreaults will continue to self-distribute but with a more "consistent supply" and hope to also "create relationships with new restaurants, bars, and bottle shops" going forward.

Trillium Brewing Company

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