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Watch Cafe ArtScience's David Edwards' Inventions in Action

From breathable nutrition to edible food packaging, Cafe ArtScience is like "an Apple Store of nutrition."

David Edwards at Cafe ArtScience, with Le Whaf
David Edwards at Cafe ArtScience, with Le Whaf
Bloomberg Business

In this video from Bloomberg Business, inventor and Harvard professor David Edwards shows off a few of his creations and discusses the difficulty of taking these things to market. "As your face is in a cloud of Kool-Aid, there's a sense of being in a different world," he opens, showing off Le Whaf, a carafe that turns drinks into clouds to inhale.

He's part of the team behind Cafe ArtScience, which opened in Cambridge's Kendall Square at the end of October 2014 (on Halloween, appropriately enough). It's a place for the man with the "Gene Wilder hair" to share his "whimsical food creations" with the world, according to Bloomberg. The space is meant to be a "fully immersive environment," he says in the video, "kind of an Apple Store of nutrition where one can enter and immediately believe that one is in the future.

Watch the video. >>

Cafe ArtScience

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