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Boston Woman Wants to 'Take the Bite Out of PMS' With Chocolate Treats

She met her Kickstarter goal in less than a day.

PMS Bites
PMS Bites

"We have all been there," writes Tania Green on Kickstarter. "Boobs swell, stomach bloats, feelings hurt, friends and significant others become annoying, work becomes overwhelming, and the only relief seems to be a pound of chocolate and a good cry." To help relieve PMS symptoms like these, Green wants to address the chocolate part of the solution with PMS Bites, "chocolaty, bite-sized treats perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings but are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition." She launched a $5,000 Kickstarter campaign yesterday and has already exceeded her goal by a few hundred dollars. She plans to secure her kitchen space by mid-March, working out of Kitchen Inc. in Somerville's Union Square.

She has already worked out the recipes for three varieties: Plain Crazy (cocoa powder, oats, coconut palm sugar), Coco-Nutty (the Plain Crazy, plus a dusting of coconut), and All Kinds of Nuts (the Plain Crazy rolled in crushed pecans). Other ingredients in the mix include dandelion root, Siberian ginseng, and chamomile, all organic.

Green's idea came from a New Year's resolution to record "how each of [her] days went for three years...a simple exercise to help [her] be more mindful, present, and reflective." Turns out that most of the bad days seemed to be PMS-related. "When I realized that up to 122 days out of my year might be bad, I went to work," she writes on Kickstarter. "I am passionate about helping women optimize their time and their potential."

("She was consuming one too many cannolis during the PMS time in her cycle," according to Boston Magazine.)

Kickstarter backers can earn various amounts of PMS Bites, including monthly subscription packages, sent out at just the right time.

One FAQ answers the burning question of whether men can eat these, too: "Men can absolutely have the bites. In fact, many men have already subscribed after taste testings. =)"