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Santouka Ramen to Open as Planned Tomorrow, But Snow Affects Opening Day at Brewer's Fork

Steamy ramen bowls should help you through this week's winter weather.

Santouka Ramen, under construction earlier this year in Harvard Square
Santouka Ramen, under construction earlier this year in Harvard Square

Despite 20 or so more inches of snow this week, the first Boston-area location of Santouka Ramen will open as planned tomorrow at 1 Bow St. in Harvard Square.

The Japanese chain specializes in shio-style (salt) ramen, and will also offer miso ramen, shoyu ramen (a pork and soy sauce-based broth), and tokusen toroniku ramen (featuring pork cheek meat). Last year, Santouka CEO Shinichi Kikuta told Eater that ramen "should be a cheap comfort food for you to have with a beer after a long day" and expressed surprise at the high prices he saw around the city.

The Harvard Square shop will serve ramen from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature has thwarted the opening plans for the forthcoming Brewer's Fork. Last week, Boston Magazine reported the Charlestown eatery was slated to open tomorrow, but co-owner Michael Cooney told Eater today that the Brewer's Fork team is waiting on city offices to re-open so they can apply for their final inspection. "Unfortunately, it looks like we are, best scenario, [to open] next week some time," he says.

Once the Brewer's Fork gets fully inspected and, uh, probably has its walkway cleared, a menu of rustic New England pizzas and small plates, plus an extensive craft beer list and a prime selection of wines, awaits diners in historic Hayes Square. And if thoughts of warmer weather aren't enticing enough already, the Brewer's Fork has an outdoor patio in the works, too.

Keep an eye on @TheBrewersFork for new opening day details.

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