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R.F. O'Sullivan's Lynn Expansion Is 'Getting Real Close'

The Somerville burger restaurant will soon have a sibling.

R.F. O'Sullivan's in Lynn
R.F. O'Sullivan's in Lynn

Back in June, Somerville burger joint R.F. O'Sullivan & Son announced an expansion out to Lynn, opening as early as August; the new location would be "the exact same thing" as the old. August is long gone, but the 88-seat Lynn outpost is finally almost here.

The furniture was set to arrive yesterday, according to a Facebook post. "We are getting real close to serve you our great burgers...Thank you for your patience!" Despite the snow, it looks like the furniture did indeed reach its destination, based on a photo posted later in the day. An article in The Daily Item promises that it'll open in less than a month — and there's a double-sided fireplace visible from the outside.

R.F. O'Sullivan is known for its giant menu of giant burgers served with giant fries. Stay tuned for an opening date on Central Avenue in Lynn. It'll be open seven days a week.

R. F. O'Sullivan & Son Pub

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