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Tasty Burger Makes Progress on Dudley Square Location

The local chain has a new restaurant coming soon.

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building
Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building
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Boston's own burger joint could complete the latest phase of its expansion sometime in late December or early January. Tasty Burger is working on finishing its new location in Roxbury, in Dudley Square's restored Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building.

This will be the sixth Tasty Burger in the region, adding to the chain's original Fenway location on Boylston Street, along with Harvard Square, Southie, Back Bay, and inside Fenway.

Tasty Burger joins Dudley Cafe and Dudley Dough in the renovated building at 2262 Washington St. At this new location, Tasty Burger will serve its usual menu of burgers (including turkey and veggie), fries, chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs, plus a selection of beer and wine. The restaurant will also have a digital jukebox and is now accepting employee applications.