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Waltham's Tom Can Cook Becomes Pho 1

A Moody Street restaurant is now a different restaurant.

Tom Can Cook in Waltham is no more, but a different Asian-fusion restaurant has taken over, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. Pho 1 is now in operation at 374 Moody St., serving up a mix of Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisines, including some dishes from Tom Can Cook and InBoston, which had merged with the former restaurant back in February.

tweet indicated the change from Tom Can Cook to Pho 1, which has a new website. Menu items at Pho 1 include a selection of appetizers, InBoston fried chicken, pho hoac mi, Thai noodle soup, and stir fried noodle options, among much more.

Tom Can Cook had been operating in Waltham for approximately 15 years.

Tom Can Cook

374 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453 (781) 891-6977