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Zermatt Gelateria and Cafe Coming to Downtown Crossing

The Corner Mall is getting a new addition.

Zermatt Gelateria & Cafe
Zermatt Gelateria & Cafe
Twitter/Downton Boston BID

An ice cream and coffee shop is set to open in The Corner Mall of Downtown Crossing, according to a post on Twitter. Zermatt Gelateria and Cafe has posted a "coming soon" sign in the space, and The Corner Mall's website reflects the development. The food court includes mall-standard, fast-casual options like Sarku Japan, Bourbon Street Cafe, and Dunkin' Donuts. A bubble tea kiosk called Happy Lemon opened there last month.

Zermatt Gelateria's logo includes a symbol of a mountain and appears to be named after Zermatt, a city in the Swiss Alps.

Zermatt Gelateria, LLC, the company behind the cafe, filed for organization in March 2015, and the proposed managers for the shop are Sarah and Danah Almohdar.

Corner Mall

417 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108 (781) 769-6800 Visit Website