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Boston-Area Chipotle Temporarily Closes After 120 College Students Contract Possible Norovirus [UPDATED]

Several Boston College basketball players are among those who fell ill.

Chipotle in Cleveland Circle
Chipotle in Cleveland Circle
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A Chipotle near Boston College is temporarily closed after 30 students who showed signs of E. coli said they had eaten at the restaurant. Eight of those students were reportedly Boston College basketball players, some of whom had missed a game Sunday due to food poisoning. Their illness was later confirmed as E. coli.

BC's medical staff reportedly sent a campus-wide email to notify the school that students had contracted E. coli and warning students and faculty against eating at the Cleveland Circle Chipotle (1924 Beacon St.).

Chipotle has been in the news recently for an outbreak of E. coli that spanned nine states and sickened 52 people. The cases in Boston have not yet been linked to the nationwide outbreak, and a spokesperson for Chipotle said the chain had no evidence indicating a connection.

People who have contracted E. coli typically recover within five to seven days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: Now over 80 students have fallen ill, reports the Boston Business Journal, citing a statement from Boston College. Meanwhile, Chipotle thinks it's norovirus, not E. coli, reports WBUR.

UPDATE, 5 p.m.: Initial tests indicate that it could be norovirus.

UPDATE, 12/9/15: The number of affected students has risen to 120.