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It's Salad Time at the Prudential: Sweetgreen Opens Today

The Prudential's lunch options are looking up again.

Sweetgreen in Chestnut Hill
Sweetgreen in Chestnut Hill
Chris Coe for Eater

After the early June shuttering of the Prudential Center's food court to make way for Eataly construction, fast-casual dining options have been harder to find at the mall. A few rotating vendors are serving limited options in the Belvidere Arcade section (December vendors include Chicken & Rice Guys, Boston Indian Kitchen, and Firebox BBQ), but with Sweetgreen's opening today, now there'll be salads daily from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Today's proceeds benefit The Food Project.

The D.C.-based salad chain currently has local restaurants in Chestnut Hill, Fort Point, Lynnfield, and elsewhere in Back Bay, not far from this new location. A Downtown Crossing location could open early next year, followed by one in Fenway in the summer.

Sweetgreen's menu includes salads and grain bowls that feature local, seasonal ingredients. Diners can choose already-designed combinations or pick all their own components, from green and grain bases to toppings, proteins, and dressings.