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Medieval Manor Might Not Permanently Close After All

Tonight's the last show for now, but the team plans to reopen as soon as possible.

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Looks like the Medieval Manor era isn't coming to an end after all, as previously reported. Now, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, the decades-old South End dinner theatre will host its final show tonight as planned — but it might not really be final. The Manor "hope[s] to reopen ASAP," according to a note on its website. "Long live the King!" the note adds.

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the Medieval Manor team plans to renovate the old space and obtain a beer and wine license in place of the full liquor license that they sold.

Medieval Manor debuted in the basement of the Eliot Hotel in the early seventies before moving to the current location in the early eighties. It features Middle Ages-inspired entertainment, flagons of beer, utensil-free dining, and everything else you'd want from a Medieval-style night out.

Medieval Manor

246 E Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02118 (617) 423-4900