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These Are the Most Bizarre Search Terms That Brought You Here This Year

The internet is for food porn.

"Feelings associated to pizza."
"Feelings associated to pizza."

Here are some of the most unexpected search terms that dropped readers off on Eater Boston's virtual doorstep this year. [sic] throughout. Apologies to those who were searching for "school grils" and bathroom hidden camera videos but just got food news.
  • boston good that's what i thought but i just wanted to verify
  • carrots trending
  • comedy of pupu
  • doh
  • don't get me started on eaters
  • donkey meat in Boston
  • doorless stall toilet videos
  • dumpster eater
  • eater of sweaters
  • ew restaurants in boston
  • examine your soul
  • feelings associated to pizza
  • fly larvae in house boston
  • frist time xx school grils
  • gefilte prawn
  • girl ripping a lobster apart
  • goat face
  • heal the world
  • hemorrhaging urban dictionary
  • hidan camera in toilat [and about 30 variations on this]
  • honestly if i got a steak would honestly if i have you got a steak
  • hot ass
  • hot pot porn
  • hotel strip dance butt
  • how dinnig look like
  • how do you feel about frilly toothpicks
  • how to right letter to the mayor
  • how to tip tap toe to her room and sex her
  • i like to eat pottery
  • is strip by strega a strip club
  • jfk ate bacon
  • latest porn from jamaica
  • look inside nicki minaj house
  • maps inside eyeballs
  • meaty cocktail sexy videos
  • photo gallery sexy turkey
  • pizza wants you
  • porno robert downey jr
  • pringles hangover cure
  • rob gronkowski says he like big sausage
  • sex and steak
  • sexy wall
  • stealing peoples drinks with straw
  • volcano as big as new hampshire
  • vomit eater
  • we squeese to please boston
  • what cut of meat is box eater
  • what is a buns that has lettuce,cheese and tomato in the middle of it
  • what necco wafers glow in the dark
  • whatever is hospitality
  • working for lazy store owner
  • would an angry response be given merrily