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Evelyn & Angel's Candy Shop Is Moving to Arlington

The Cambridge candy provider is uprooting from its Massachusetts Avenue location.

Evelyn & Angel's
Evelyn & Angel's

Cambridge confectioner Evelyn & Angel's is taking its operation to Arlington, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. The store first opened at 1702 Massachusetts Ave. in early 2013, serving candies, chocolates, roasted nuts. It also had a brew bar for Stumptown Coffee and hot chocolate.

Yalonda Howze, who owns Evelyn & Angel's, named the store for her late grandmother and her mother, Angel, who ran a candy shop in Detroit and moved to Boston run the store.

A Twitter user noted that a sign in Arlington indicated Evelyn & Angel's would be opening in Arlington and an employee at the shop confirmed the move for mid-January. The Cambridge location is now closed.

Evelyn & Angel's

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