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Waffle Cabin Opens Stand at Kendall Ice Rink

The popular ski resort treat is officially available in Kendall Square.

Waffle Cabin in Kendall Square
Waffle Cabin in Kendall Square

A seasonal stand just opened in Kendall Square. Waffle Cabin, which originally started as a pushcart in Quincy Market in 1998 and is now a common fixture at ski resorts across the northeast, has opened a stand for the winter, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

Waffle Cabin opened on December 9, according to its Facebook page, and it is serving classic Belgian sugar waffles (with an optional chocolate topping), plus coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, and assorted other beverages.

The stand will operate seven days a week alongside the The Kendall Square Skating Rink (300 Athenaeum St.) The rink is open every day from mid-December until mid-March, as weather allows, according to its website.