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Panelli's Pizza in Brookline Is Closed

Farewell to pizza and parm sandwiches.

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Panelli's Pizza & Parm
Panelli's Pizza & Parm

Panelli's Pizza & Parm in Coolidge Corner is closed for business, according to the restaurant's page on Yelp. A Hungry Onion user also posted about the closure, saying Panelli's had been open before Thanksgiving but has been closed all week with no signage or outgoing voicemail message to indicate a vacation.

The restaurant was known for "striving to make the best pizza and parm sandwiches possible," including creations like The Farmer pizza, with whole milk mozzarella, bacon, Pecorino Romano, and seven eggs on top. Panelli's opened at 415 Harvard St. (the old Ozzie's Pizza & Cafe space) about a year ago.

A call to the restaurant went unanswered, and its social media accounts haven't been updated since August.

Update: David Iknaian, the owner of Panelli's confirmed to Eater that the restaurant is closed for business.

Panelli's Pizza + Parm

415 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 232-0512