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She Sells Cheese Shells Fundraises for Food Truck

A trained chef is working to bring a mac and cheese truck to Boston.

A food truck
A food truck

new Kickstarter campaign aims to fundraise for a local mac and cheese food truck. Samantha Jacobs is a trained chef who, along with some friends, tried out for the Great American Food Truck Race and is now looking to raise money to start her own truck centered around her favorite food: gourmet mac and cheese.

The concept, called She Sells Cheese Shells, will build upon Jacobs' existing recipes if she is able to reach a $50,000 fundraising goal. She Sells Cheese Shells currently offers catering in Manchester, New Hampshire. It serves a menu that changes monthly and includes sandwiches, mac and cheese, sides, and beverages.

"We serve everything from Classic Mac, vegan, vegetarian, and a homemade savory waffle cone filled with whatever toppings and Mac you'd like that day," Jacobs wrote on the Kickstarter page. Some sample menu items for the food truck include the mac and grilled cheese sandwich, The Vermonter (made with Vermont cheddar and maple-wood smoked bacon), and some dessert mac and cheeses.

Jacobs is looking to raise funds by December 28.