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Crispy Crêpes Cafe Near Boston University Closes But May Reopen Elsewhere

No more crepes for Audubon Circle.

Crispy Crêpes Cafe on Park Drive
Crispy Crêpes Cafe on Park Drive
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A restaurant popular with Boston University students is now closed, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. Crispy Crêpes Cafe (512A Park Dr.) has moved out of the space, which is now reportedly for lease, leaving a sign that read: "Crispy Crepes Cafe is closed for business on October 31st until further notice. We've appreciated your business and hope to serve you again in the near future."

An employee reached at the business said Crispy Crêpes is looking for a new space in which to reopen, but the location is not known and the timeline will depend on licensing approval, health inspections, and building inspections.

Crispy Crêpes Cafe was known for its selection of both sweet and savory crepe pockets, in addition to a range of panini, roll-ups, and assorted breakfast foods.