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Two Local Pop-Ups Begin Crowdfunding to Become More Permanent

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If you ever wanted to try balut, now is your chance.

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A Pamangan event
A Pamangan event

A couple of pop-ups are kicking off crowdfunding campaigns in hopes of ultimately opening permanent restaurants.

Filipino pop-up Pamangan, run by sister-and-brother duo Ellie and RJ Tiglao, first appeared locally in summer 2014, hosting monthly dinners around town. On Tuesday, 11/17, the duo will serve a four-course dinner at Journeyman in Somerville, which will serve as the official kick-off for their campaign, meant to "help us get to a place where we can secure a home base," Ellie tells Eater. "Resto or bust," notes the event page. Tickets are $60.

The menu includes sinigang (arctic char with water spinach and daikon in a sour tamarind-based soup), a pickled lychee and crab salad, and more. There's also an optional fifth course for the very brave — balut, a fertilized duck egg.

The Tiglaos also have a few smaller events in the works this month, including a vegetarian meal in Davis Square and a pescetarian and kosher meal in Inman Square.

Meanwhile, TBD Foods — helmed by Terence Rogers, an alum of Highland Kitchen and Bronwyn — has hosted more than 30 dinner parties out of Rogers' apartment (on a pool table converted into a dining room table) and other people's homes. He has just launched an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of getting a "real kitchen" to take the company to the next level with more frequent events and other opportunities. Funds raised would go towards equipment (a smoker and curing fridge, for example), shared kitchen space, and even a food truck. Donors to the campaign will receive awards like t-shirts or tickets to dinners and cooking classes.