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Little Big Diner Wants to Make Your Little Big Dreams Come True With Ramen and More

The forthcoming Newton restaurant has shared a sample menu.

Little Big Diner
Little Big Diner

Construction and hiring are underway for the opening of Little Big Diner later this fall, and the 20-seat "East Asian soul food diner" — a new project from the Sycamore team — has just shared a sample menu, which appropriately includes "little" and "big" dishes.

Those who have tried Sycamore's occasional ramen will be pleased to see it turn up at the new place. The sample menu mentions three varieties: spicy kimchi ramen (charred tofu, broccolini, marinated shiitakes, scallions); paitan chicken ramen (shoyu chicken, ajitama egg, shaved cabbage, menma, schmaltz); and miso ramen, spicy or not (ground pork, nori, ajitama egg, bean sprouts, sweet corn, scallions). Other potential dishes include sticky ssamjang chicken wings, green mango salad, and big rice bowls with various meats.

The highlight of the beverage side is a selection of draft cocktails, which could include options like the High Tea (white rum, Honjozo sake, lemongrass, and green tea). There's also wine, beer, sake, and soda.

Keep an eye on the restaurant's Instagram account for sneak peeks of recipe testing, research, and construction.

Little Big Diner

1247 Centre St., Newton, MA 02459