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Changes Coming to iYo Cafe in Somerville

A Davis Square frozen yogurt spot looks to be plotting a rebranding.

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iYo Bistro, under renovation in Davis Square
iYo Bistro, under renovation in Davis Square

iYo Cafe is closed for renovations and appears to be rebranding as iYo Bistro, according to a sign on its papered-over windows. A Yelp user recently posted about the closure, indicating that he had noticed gradual alterations to the restaurant space and menu.

The cafe in Davis Square opened at 234 Elm St. in 2012 and was known for its self-serve frozen yogurt, waffles, coffee, and assorted baked goods. A post on Instagram revealed some of the changes to the interior and suggests a reinvention could expand the iYo concept to add grilled items to the frozen yogurt and cafe-style options.

The post indicates that the new bistro could be unveiled by the end of the year.

iYo Cafe

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