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Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Is Saying Goodbye

The tenant brewers have built up a large following in seven years.

Dann and Martha PaquetteSomerville-based Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, run by Dann & Martha Paquette, is calling it a day, reports Boston Restaurant Talk, citing a blog post from the whimsical brewing duo, which recounts the company's seven-year journey.

"We didn’t foresee then that our strange project would become such a part of our lives," they write. "It has been a crazy fun time...Brewing our beers has been a great labor and a great joy. But best of all we shared it with so many great beer drinkers. It really feels like we met you all. We’ve stood in shops, bars, restaurants, on stages, in VFW halls. Sometimes you were already fans. Sometimes you spat out our beer. Sometimes you just fancied a chat. We always felt happy to meet you by the end. It was always fun, or funny, or we sold a beer, or learned something. Many of you became friends. We’ve loved drinking beers with you," the statement reads in part.

"After seven years it’s time to draw the curtains and head off to a new adventure. A poorly drawn grain of barley called Jack D’Or made this whole thing possible. He’ll be coming with us."

The Paquettes brewed Pretty Things as tenants at Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport and gained distribution in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and beyond. Some of the company's best-known brews included Jack D'Or, a "saison americain"; Fluffy White Rabbits, "some sort of triple"; and Babayaga, an "export stout."

Late last year, Dann publicly called out illegal pay-to-play practices going on in Boston where bars would allegedly accept money from distributors to place certain beers on draft. The accusations ultimately led to an investigation by the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, which found violations at various bars around the city. Craft Beer Guild, Pretty Things' distributor, was also cited.

Final batches of Pretty Things will ship "over the next couple of weeks," according to the blog post, and the beer, which is available for retail in 22-ounce bottles, is estimated to be available through at least January. And keep an eye out for it on tap at numerous local restaurants and bars.

[Photo: Official Site]