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Power Cafe Now Open in Watertown

The new coffee shop celebrated its official first day.

Power Cafe logo
Power Cafe logo

A new coffee shop in Watertown is creating opportunities. Power Cafe (45 Lexington St.) officially opened Thursday, according to a post on Facebook, and it is staffed and run by people with physical and/or developmental disabilities.

Founder Galit Schwartz collaborated with Triangle Inc. to staff the coffee shop, as previously reported. On its first day, Power Cafe hosted a "transition-to-career" training group from Triangle, which is a nonprofit that helps prepare people with varied disabilities for the workforce.

Power Cafe serves organic, fair trade coffee, assorted teas and other beverages, muffins, rolls, and cookies, plus a selection of salads and sandwiches.

The shop will be open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.