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Look Inside Parsnip, Opening in Harvard Square Tomorrow

Here's a peek inside the new multi-level restaurant, featuring a high-ceilinged, bright dining room and a more intimate upstairs lounge.

When Parsnip officially debuts tomorrow (Tuesday, November 3), it will feature a "globally inspired and ingredients-led" menu and a strong focus on hospitality. The team includes executive chef Peter Quinion, who hails from the UK; chef de cuisine Ryan Marcoux, a Boston Chops alum; and bar director Steven Lemley; newly in town from New Orleans.

Above, take a look inside the space, which was designed to fit a mid-century modern aesthetic, from the angular furniture to the gold-tinged glassware. The main dining room and its adjacent offshoot, which looks into Harvard Square's Winthrop Park, feature ample sunlight, white walls, light wood, and several striking pieces of large artwork (not pictured here, by request of the team, so that diners can first experience them in real life).

Upstairs, the lounge is full of shades of brown and dusky oranges, along with two fireplaces. The lounge experience will be "a bit more casual, a bit more fun, and a little bit more British and eclectic in some cases," Quinion previously said.


91 Winthrop St., Cambridge, MA 02138 617-714-3206 Visit Website