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Roslindale Chinese Restaurant Seven Star Bistro Is Closed for Renovations

It's planning some menu changes, too.

Seven Star Street Bistro in Roslindale
Seven Star Street Bistro in Roslindale

A restaurant in Roslindale is temporarily shut down while it undergoes some renovations to expand its dining space and rework its menu. Seven Star Street Bistro, which opened in 2011, previously had eight seats in-house, but according to a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, the renovations will allow it to focus more on dine-in service, which will include beer and wine, as Universal Hub reported.

As Seven Star makes changes to the dining room and works on its new menu, it will "do a non-traditional soft opening as we unveil our new menu items in stages," according to a Facebook post. The restaurant will not have takeout available during this time.

Seven Star posted details about its new menu on Thursday, indicating that it is aiming for a "Taiwanese gastro-pub vibe." The reopening is planned for November 18.

Seven Star Street Bistro

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