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Kerri Lynch-Delaney's Restaurant Could Open Early in 2016

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The master behind Babycakes is busy developing her new American-style restaurant concept (and she's selling Babycakes.)

16C will open in the old Granite Rail Tavern space on Cottage Ave.
16C will open in the old Granite Rail Tavern space on Cottage Ave.
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Kerri Lynch-Delaney has owned and operated Quincy's Babycakes bakery for nearly nine years, but now she has her sights set on a new project. The Quincy native will open an American-style restaurant down the road in the up-and-coming food hub of Quincy Center.

The new restaurant, named 16C after its address at 16 Cottage Ave., is replacing Granite Rail Tavern, which closed recently after about 30 years in business.

Lynch-Delaney, who is the niece of noted Boston restaurateur Barbara Lynch, said she was working with her aunt to develop the menu for 16C.

"She's my right hand in all of this," Lynch-Delaney told Eater. "She and I have been practicing for months."

Specifically, they have practiced using Rational ovens, which allow for steaming and convection, according to Lynch-Delaney. "They do a little bit of everything," she said, like cook pizzas, which are definitely on the menu for 16C.

The restaurant will offer American-style dishes, complete with Lynch-Delaney's time-tested pizzas, salads, and steak tips, among other items. With construction officially underway, Lynch-Delaney is still developing the menu, including desserts, though she said there are no specifics for that menu at this point. But, as a seasoned baker, she's not worried.

"I have ideas," she said, including ice cream made in-house.

In preparation for opening 16C, Lynch-Delaney is selling Babycakes. She plans to work with the new owner through the holidays but will soon direct all her attention to the restaurant.

"I'm selling it to a great kid," she said, who is the same age Lynch-Delaney was when she started at Babycakes. "It's good to pass it down to someone."

The 16C space has been completely demoed and will be rebuilt from the bottom up, according to Lynch-Delaney. She is working with contractors through the process with a goal of opening early on in 2016, though the timeline is rough.

"They're on it as much as they can be," she said.

Lynch-Delaney does not yet have restaurant staff lined up, but she said her aunt had a couple people in mind and that some Babycakes employees would make the transition with her.

She also said she hoped to pull resources from Quincy High School, which has developed an advanced culinary arts program.

"I'm hoping that I can get some of those kids to come and work for a couple hours a day," she said. "They're really lucky that they have that."

And true to her Quincy roots, Lynch-Delaney said, "I'd love to kind of keep it local."


16 Cottage Ave., Quincy, MA 02169