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Contract Brewing Space to Open in Dorchester

The Dorchester Brewing Company secured 25,000 square feet of space on Mass. Ave.

Rendering for Dorchester Brewing Company
Rendering for Dorchester Brewing Company

Local brewers without a home: Fear not. Dorchester Brewing Company has you covered. Coming in the spring of 2016, the company will open a massive brewing space in the old M. A. Peacard Co. sheet metal building at 1250 Massachusetts Ave., according to the Dorchester Reporter.

Regional brewers who need space to develop their craft will be able to do so in the collaborative environment in Dorchester that is the work of co-founders Todd Charbonneau, Matt Molloy, Travis Lee, and Holly Irgens, who bring to the project years of experience with beer, marketing, and development.

Charbonneau, who spend 10 years at Harpoon as head brewer, left in 2012 to start the Banner Beer Company before teaming up with the others to launch this start-up-style brewery concept.

Malloy, who was previously the vice president of marketing and operations for Zipcar, told the Dorchester Reporter: "Our goal here is to collaborate with the brewers." This includes providing guidance along with all the equipment necessary for brewing, storage, canning, and bottling.

"We built an expensive, massive brewery with a pretty sweet tasting room so you don't have to," Dorchester Brewing wrote on its website.

The 25,000-square-foot space will give small- to medium-sized breweries a chance to brew their beers in a cost-effective facility.

Dorchester Brewing Company

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