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Tuscan Kitchen & Market Will Expand to the Seaport District

It's slated for a summer 2017 opening.

Tuscan Market in Salem, NH
Tuscan Market in Salem, NH

Currently located in Salem, NH and Burlington, MA, Tuscan Kitchen & Market now has a massive Boston proper location in the works, the company announced today. (A Portsmouth, NH location is slated to open in summer 2016 as well.) Way in the future, potentially summer 2017, the Italian restaurant/market will debut at One Seaport Square. Shake Shack, Yoki, and potentially a Chipotle, along with Scorpion Bar, are slated to open nearby — Shake Shack in the Watermark Seaport building, Yoki and reportedly Chipotle at 101 Seaport, and Scorpion Bar at One Seaport.

Tuscan Kitchen & Market includes pastas, gelato, and bread made in-house, along with a variety of Italian groceries. The new location, which will be on the second floor of the One Seaport Square development, will span 14,500 square feet and seat 320 in its restaurant space, according to a press release. At the restaurant, expect "super thin crust pizza from Napoli," "fresh tagliatelle from Bologna," and other "regional Italian cuisine." There will be outdoor seating as well.

Connected to the restaurant, the market space will include a cafe, grab-and-go items, meats and cheeses, gelato, and a wide range of imported groceries.

Joe Faro — "a lifelong food artisan and son of Sicilian immigrants" — is behind Tuscan Kitchen & Market. The Boston location "is an exciting homecoming" for him, according to the press release. "This is where I got my start in the food business, selling handmade pastas to the city's best chefs more than 25 years ago," he said. He sold that company, Joseph's Gourmet Pasta, to Nestle Foods in 2006, reports the Globe.

Meanwhile, in Back Bay, Eataly — a mega-complex of Italian restaurants and groceries spanning 45,000 square feet and three floors — is under construction, aiming for a late 2016 opening.

Correction: This piece previously misstated the locations of several of the upcoming restaurants within Seaport Square.

Tuscan Kitchen Seaport

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