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Opa Greek Yeeros Will Open This Month in Davis Square

Somerville, get ready for authentic Greek gyros.

378 Highland Ave., Somerville.
378 Highland Ave., Somerville.
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An authentic gryo restaurant is slated to open in Davis Square this month, according to its owner, Kyriakos Kouzoukas. Opa Greek Yeeros is taking over the original Kickass Cupcakes location at 378 Highland Ave., as previously reported, and it's around the corner from Kouzoukas's other upcoming project, a doughnut shop.

Kouzoukas has been in the restaurant business for 30 years — a conservative estimate, he said. He wanted to open a gyro place the likes of which can not be found in Massachusetts, he added.

"What we're doing, we're making traditional Greek gyros as you will find in Greece. It will be just as good," Kouzoukas said.

Opa Greek Yeeros will have three vertical spits: one for chicken, one for pork, and one for lamb and beef gyro, Kouzoukas said. He said the restaurant will have a Chipotle-style ordering experience where patrons walk in, choose their gyro, then move down the line adding toppings from a selection of about 20, ranging from homemade Greek yogurt to imported honey and nuts. Customers can choose either a pita or plate base for their gyro.

Kouzoukas said Opa will use all-natural, organic meat, and he plans to make the yogurt and tzatziki in-house.

"No sugar added, no salt added, you get all the probiotics. It's as pure organic yogurt as you can get," he said.

Souvlaki, kebabs, and spanakopita will also be on the menu, and the former pastry chef said he would also serve baklava.

"It's exciting, for one. It's exciting to bring something original to the area. Anyone would be excited to do that, something different that you don't have in Davis Square," Kouzoukas said.

Opa could open around October 20, contingent upon inspections. Kouzoukas is also working to open a doughnut shop with partner Christos Poutahidis, who is the landlord of both the Highland Avenue building and the space planned for the doughnut shop at 377 Summer St.

"We just got permitted for zoning and to build out," Kouzoukas said of the doughnut shop. "We got sidetracked because of the gyro place," he said, adding that the doughnut place would be open by early spring.

Opa Greek Yeeros

378 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02144