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Somerville Bread Company to Establish Permanent Bakery

The company is making moves to open its own storefront.

Somerville Bread Company
Somerville Bread Company

A Somerville bakery often seen at farmers' markets and known for providing organic, artisan breads to local shops and restaurants could be getting its own storefront.

Nick Robertson, the owner of Somerville Bread Company, has applied for a permit to open a bakery at 415b Medford Street in Somerville, not far from Magoun Square (in the same strip of storefronts as in-the-works ice cream shop Tipping Cow). The company's website also lists the new address, and a mockup of the space shows a kitchen and small retail area. There will not be space for in-house eating. The storefront was previously Ilda's Antiques and Collectibles.

Somerville Bread Company uses organic, locally sourced ingredients in its bread, which is sold at the Farmers' Market at the Harvard Ed Portal and the Peabody Farmers' Market. It offers assorted loaves and hand-rolled bagels.