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Medford Brewing Company Seeks Funding for Launch

A push to get Medford its own brewery is underway on GoFundMe.

Medford Brewing Company Logo
Medford Brewing Company Logo

A new company in Medford is ready to get brewing. Founders Nick Bolitho and Max Heinegg are looking for funding to launch Medford Brewing Company, with a goal of "making craft beer with a universal appeal," according to their website, which remains static as the brewery gains momentum.

Bolitho and Heinegg established a GoFundMe to jumpstart a two-step operation plan: first, they will contract brew; then, they'll build their own facility. Their current fundraising goal is $12,000.

"We need your help with stage one...getting this awesome beer out so everyone can enjoy it," Bolitho wrote on the page. Heinegg is reportedly a long-time homebrewer with 25 brewing medals to his credit, and he has whipped up a "simply amazing" beer for MBC, Bolitho previously told the Dig.

There is no word yet on a timeline for when Medford Brewing Company will start producing beer.