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Clover to Raise Prices, Employee Wages

The founder of Clover Food Lab has announced a plan to pay his employees more.

Clover in Kendall
Clover in Kendall
Meg Jones Wall for Eater

According to Ayr Muir, "low wages mean instability." The founder and CEO of Clover Food Lab wrote yesterday that he felt Clover could change more than just the way people eat — he wants to change labor practices, according to Universal Hub.

To do that, he wants to raise employees' hourly wage to $20 and account for the change with incremental price increases on food. "I think we can't build a long-term sustainable food system without changing our labor practices," Muir wrote in a post on the company's website.

Muir plans to make gradual 25-cent increases in the price's of Clover's food, with a corresponding raise in wages. He said he had been thinking about making this change for a year and wanted to know customers' thoughts. "And this is where you can help, or tell us you think this is a terrible idea," he wrote.

The company will track any changes in traffic and will "watch carefully to see how you, your friends, your colleagues, respond." The first price increase will happen early in November.