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The Early Word on Doretta Taverna

After 13 years, Michael Schlow recently revamped Via Matta (79 Park Square) as a Greek restaurant: Doretta Taverna & Raw Bar. The restaurant pays homage to his wife Adrienne’s Greek heritage. Here’s what people are saying so far.

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Doretta Taverna & Raw Bar
Doretta Taverna & Raw Bar
Rachel Leah Blumenthal

The Vibe News: With wall art and decorations provided by Schlow's wife, the restaurant has " a warm and authentic feel," according to Billy Costa of, who reviewed the new Greek restaurant in the Dining Playbook. Adrienne Schlow used tools like syringes and turkey basters to create some of the art, as previously reported. The "casually elegant space" and its art lend "a bit of gallerylike glitz" to the restaurant, per Zagat.

The Boston Globe's Kara Baskin writes that "the world's happiest bartender banters vicariously with each fresh arrival," as Schlow meanders the crowd and Adrienne greets new guests. In the crowd, Baskin found Mitt Romney's doppelganger, "linguini-legged blonds," and "silver foxes."

The Food News: "The restaurant menu is built for flexibility," Costa says. From small plates to family-style fish and meat courses, he unequivocally recommended the Village Salad — a traditional Greek venture with feta, olives, onions, and more — along with the "outrageously good lamb meatballs." The grilled octopus is "a very simple dish that lets those natural flavors speak for themselves," he says.

The "small plates are big," according to Baskin. That includes the roasted red pepper dish with capers, red onions, and white anchovies, which she says is "perhaps a risky date choice," while the homemade spreads "are good for sharing." Large groups can go for the lamb shoulder (a must for one Yelp reviewer) or branzino. Adrienne Schlow's "family's recipes like Mimi's lemon and olive oil potatoes are also featured on the menu."

The Beverage News: Doretta offers an extensive wine list in addition to beer and house cocktails. "Medusa's Locks, a green goblet of gin with cucumber-jalapeno syrup, agave, and lemon, is dangerously drinkable and spicy too," Baskin says. One Facebook reviewer describes it as "the 1st gin drink [he's] ever liked," while another compliments the drinks as a whole as "just the right balance." One Yelp reviewer was less enthused, saying that "the drinks weren't great, but the bartenders were nice guys."

Doretta Taverna

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