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TR Street Foods Gets Swallowed Up by Full-Service Lunch at Tavern Road

But if you like "street foods," you'll still find them at Tavern Road.

Tavern Road
Tavern Road
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Now approaching its third birthday, Tavern Road is making a few changes. For one thing, the restaurant's counter-service weekday lunch offshoot, TR Street Foods, has essentially closed. (Since April 2013, the tiny space connected to Tavern Road has offered an ever-changing selection of street food-inspired lunch dishes, with a particular focus on interesting sandwiches. While it was primarily a takeout spot, customers were able to sit to eat, either inside TR Street Foods or in the main Tavern Road dining room.)

While take-out is still available at lunchtime by calling or using the still-functional TR Street Foods app, Tavern Road is more focused on offering a full-service meal, which includes some items from the dinner menu, along with salads and snacks.

And the street food mentality has seeped into dinner as well. It hasn't been a sudden process — back in April, for example, the restaurant temporarily featured a menu along the same lines, highlighting casual items from around the world. Now, the dinner menu is aimed at showcasing items you'd find on street carts in countries like France, Peru, Spain, and Italy — duck pupusas, Peruvian roasted chicken thights, lamb meatball tostadas, goat empanadas, and more. (The popular burger remains on the menu.)

To go with the new vibe, Tavern Road has also added more art by the trio who created the giant mural along the back wall, Kenji Nakayama, Dana Woulfe, and Josh Falk.

Tavern Road

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