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Look Inside Sfizi, Now Serving Mediterranean Small Plates in the North End

It's the latest from Frank DePasquale.

Last week, Sfizi, the newest addition to the DePasquale Ventures family, opened in the North End. Focused on small plates, the restaurant takes over where Mare (another DePasquale concept that formerly occupied the space) left off and gets its inspiration from Mediterranean regions. Sfizi has a full bar, which includes several wines and beers.

To enter the space, one must walk down a small hallway lined with wine box crates. A host stand is situated in the entry way, and dramatic velvet curtains divide the hallway and dining room. The dining room is uniquely round, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing views of the North End. The windows are framed by golden curtains, outlining the sunlight and providing extra warmth to the room. Cream-colored walls are punctuated by colorful paintings that depict various scenes throughout popular Mediterranean cities. Dark wooden tables dot the room and are set simply with a placemat and a colorful bread plate at each seat.

A long bar stretches before a mirrored wall, providing additional seating and good views of the televisions. A large pole in the center of the room points in the direction of different cities throughout the Mediterranean region. A wine bottle hallway leads to the semi-open kitchen, which falls just before the chef's table. This series of four seats gives special diners a primo view of the kitchen in front and the dining room behind. Next to the chef's table, a tall silver wine rack holds more stock of the restaurant's wines.

Sfizi is open for dinner seven days a week, from 4:00 pm to 12 a.m.


135 Richmond St., Boston, MA 02109