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Gordon's Boston to Bring 600 Wines, Moody's Deli, and More to Downtown Crossing

Waltham-based Gordon's Fine Wines & Liquors is coming to Boston proper, and it is bringing along a huge selection, low prices, and charcuterie.

Gordon's Boston rendering
Gordon's Boston rendering

Gordon's Fine Wines & Liquors (Waltham, Watertown, and Newton) will add a Boston proper location early this winter at 39 Temple Place in Downtown Crossing, and it will feature the city's only New England Charcuterie/Moody's Delicatessen counter, another Waltham specialty, says owner David Gordon. The store is meant to be an "experience...something beautiful, a place for people to gather."

The long, narrow space — dubbed Gordon's Boston — will include Enomatic wine machines so that customers can grab free tastes of an ever-changing selection of 48+ wines while browsing the store, which will have a selection of over 600 wines, 200 scotches, and many other spirits at prices Gordon describes as "Boston's best." Thanks to the well-established company's existing buying power, "just about everything will be the lowest [price] in the city." A little bit down the line, "a cool app" will enhance the in-store experience — more on that in the future. And out of the store, customers in Boston proper will be able to get deliveries in under an hour. (Delivery is also available beyond the city; it'll just take longer depending on the location.)

As for that deli counter, expect items like charcuterie, cheeses, truffle potato chips, wagyu beef jerky, and pre-made, grab-and-go sandwiches from Moody's. (A few months down the line, the offerings will expand to include sandwiches prepared to order and sliced meats.) It will basically be "a mini version" of the popular Waltham shop, according to Gordon.

Continuing on the company's tradition of hosting a wide range of events at its culinary center at the location on Main Street in Waltham, the new location will also have a busy calendar, including seminars by brewers, winemakers, and distillers from near and far, says Gordon. Some signature Gordon's events like the Black Beer Affair and the Sommelier Smackdown will also take place.

Why Downtown Crossing? "We see the population growth there," says Gordon. "We've passively been looking for about five years, but nothing popped. This popped at the right time and the right place, and I love the area. It's kind of symbolic of Waltham — it's a complete melting pot. I think it makes more sense than if we were going into Back Bay or the South End. Downtown Crossing feels like home. There's a lot going on, a diverse set of people. That's really the driving factor to do something like this here."

Keep an eye on the Gordon's Boston website for more information as the opening approaches.

Gordon's Boston

39 Temple Pl, Boston, MA 02111

Moody's Delicatessen & Provisions

468 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453