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WuBurger Aims for December Opening in Inman Square

A locally sourced burger shop from Woburn will start work on a Cambridge location in November.

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Inman Square in Cambridge could get a fast-casual burger shop by the end of the year. WuBurger owners Deepak Diwan and Kal Gullapalli plan to open a second location of their Woburn restaurant in the old East by Northeast location at 1128 Cambridge St. in Cambridge.

The pair also owns a Lisa's Family Pizzeria in Woburn and had initially planned to open DK & Co. in the Inman Square space. The anticipated menu for that venture included "a variety of mussel preparations, Belgian style fries, house ground burgers, and specialty sandwiches," as Diwan previously shared with Eater.

Diwan and Gullapalli have since abandoned that concept, instead opting for WuBurger growth. Their Woburn place opened in early September with a great response, Gullapalli told Eater. He said that response led them to rethink their Inman Square concept. "Why don't we just leverage the expertise we already have in burgers?" they decided.

That expertise lies in creating a high-quality, traditional roadside burger setup, using locally sourced ingredients when they're available.

"There are really no corners cut. Every single ingredient has a lot of thought put into it," Gullapalli said. "We want it to feel, taste, and look premium."

The Inman Square WuBurger secured its liquor license in June, and Gullapalli said that they have plans to open in December or January after making some adjustments to the restaurant interior.

They have started getting bids from contractors and will start work the first week in November to redo the kitchen and make cosmetic changes inside. They also plan to offer some different food options.

"We will tweak the menu that we have here and adjust it to what we think Inman will need," he said. That includes boozy milkshakes and a full alcohol menu, in addition to WuBurger's customizable burgers.

Gullapalli seemed confident in their change of direction for Inman. "It's gonna be one of your top five burgers," he said.

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WUBurger (Woburn)

880 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801 (781) 281-0277 Visit Website

WUBurger (Cambridge)

1128 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02139 Visit Website