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Look Inside Beta Burger, Debuting Today in Roxbury Crossing

Beta Burger opens at 11 a.m., and the first 100 people through the door get swag.

Starting today, Roxbury Crossing will have a new burger destination: Beta Burger celebrates its grand opening. Founder and owner Adrian Wong has built his burger (and French fry) business on speed, customization, and affordability with a full toppings bar, choice of buns, and various seasoning spices for the fries.

The space is bright, highlighted with neon orange accent walls. It has an industrial and modern feel, and there's a large window overlooking the busy street. The open kitchen is the main focus of the space, sitting right in the middle of the room so diners can watch their burgers being made from start to finish. On the opposite wall, facing the burger production line, large television monitors. Just in front of the menu and the kitchen, an open area provides the option to sit at one of the tables or alongside the large windows.

Should the seats be taken, walk down the hallway, past the restrooms, and down a set of stairs to a second seating area with several scattered tables, some of them the same bright orange shade of walls. White stools are arranged around the tables, and while there are no windows in that area, there is a view of the storage space where one can get a peek at all of the supplies and activities of Beta Burger.

Beta Burger

1437 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120 (626) 607-6029