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Tenoch in Davis Square Will Be Here So Soon

The interior is done. Bring on the inspections.

Tenoch in Davis Square
Tenoch in Davis Square
Courtesy of Joel Edinberg

Davis Square could soon be feasting on tortas, tacos, and other Mexican delicacies: Tenoch is so close to opening in the former M3 space in Somerville. Owner Alvaro Sandoval told Eater the interior of the restaurant is complete, and they are now awaiting inspections.

While he is not sure of the exact timeline for when inspections will be complete, he did say everything is ready to go.

"We don't want to be in a rush," he said. "Absolutely, we are close."

Paper has come down from the windows in the forthcoming Davis Square restaurant (382 Highland Ave.), revealing a warm wooden interior and a "tacografia" map of Mexico.

Stay tuned for updates, including an official opening date.

Tenoch 2