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Roggie's on Chestnut Hill Ave.
Roggie's on Chestnut Hill Ave.
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Brighton may bid a final farewell to Roggie's Brew and Grill. Two brothers who own Agoro's Pizza Bar and Grill, a pizza place in Somerset, are looking into acquiring the popular Cleveland Circle hangout on Chestnut Hill Ave., according to Universal Hub.

Dimitrios and Nicholas Liakos — pizza in hand — reportedly introduced themselves to members of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association to gain support for acquiring a beer and wine license from Roggie's and converting the restaurant into Agoro's.

Roggie's, often frequented by local college kids, served all manner of foods from pizza to pasta to lobster rolls, and the restaurant offered weekly events like trivia and karaoke. It was shut down last spring after an incident with a customer. Owner John Rogaris was accused of misleading police following the incident.

Agoro's serves Greek-style pan pizza, burgers, and pasta, according to the website.

Roggie's Brew & Grille

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