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Max & Leo's Pizza to Open in Fenway's Game On

Newton's pizza restaurant Max & Leo's is reportedly opening in Game On! but may face some restrictions due to its coal-fired cooking method.

Max & Leo's
Max & Leo's

Max & Leo's Artisan Pizza will open inside Fenway's Game On, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, but its traditional coal-fired method of cooking pizza may be at odds with Boston regulations.

A Twitter user posted a picture of the Game On space, which is now sporting a Max & Leo's sign in the window. No restaurants in Boston reportedly use coal-fired pizza ovens, and it's not clear yet whether the restaurant will continue to use this method in the Fenway location.

There may be City of Boston regulations regarding the storage of coal used as fuel for cooking, plus inspection guidelines for vents within the restaurant, as there are for wood-fired pizza ovens, according to Boston Fire Lt. David Connell. Other sources at Boston Fire and Max & Leo's have been contacted for more details on this potential hurdle.

Started by brothers Max and Leo Candidus, the restaurant serves a variety of coal-fired pies, plus nachos, wings, and salads.

Update, 10/23/15: The restaurant will have a coal oven, according to an update by BRT. Coal-fired ovens are legal in Boston proper, but there are tight restrictions regarding ventilation, fuel storage, and more.

Max & Leo's

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Max & Leo's at Game On (Fenway)

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Game On!

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