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Saus Pop-Up Will Bring Filipino Food to Boston

The Belgian-style restaurant is teaming up with chef Roland Calupe for a new pop-up series.

Saus Boston
Saus Boston
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A new pop-up series at Saus kicks off later this month. The Belgian-style restaurant is collaborating with chef Roland Calupe to bring Boston a series of Filipino-inspired dinners prepared in tribute Calupe's heritage.

Calupe, who has worked in Michelin-rated restaurants across the country, traveled to his parents' hometowns in the Philippines and decided he wanted to share the food and culture. The Milagros Project, named after Calupe's mother, will present diners with a variety of shareable dishes, including lumpia Shanghai (a Filipino egg roll), inihaw na manok (grilled BBQ chicken), and adobong baboy (adobo-sauced pork ribs).

Tickets for the first pop-up on October 25 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. are available online. Saus will also offer beer pairings for the meal.


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