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Bread + Butter Decamps from the North End and Sort of Moves to Back Bay

There's no storefront, but the business is catering and doing delivery from 90 Exeter Street.

Bread + Butter
Bread + Butter
Chris Coe for Eater

Bread + Butter, a North End bakery and cafe, closed around the holidays with an initial sign up on the door indicating that the closure was temporary, but multiple tipsters reported that furniture had been removed, and it looked like a permanent shutter. The truth is somewhere in between.

According to, while the North End storefront has closed, Bread + Butter has moved to Back Bay to continue catering and offering a la carte delivery via DiningIn. The delivery site lists 90 Exeter Street as the address, which corresponds to Storyville, a venture backed by Brian Lesser, who is also behind Bread + Butter.

Bread + Butter opened in May 2013 in the former Caffe Graffiti space. ChocoLee Chocolates' Lee Napoli, an alum of Sandrine's Bistro, was involved with the opening of Bread + Butter, but she later departed to get back to ChocoLee full-time. (ChocoLee has since closed but may reopen.)

Bread + Butter

64 Cross St., Boston, MA 02113 617-248-6900